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Sculptra is an implantation medical device biocompatible, biodegradable and injectable based on L-polylactic acid

Sculptra gives a natural youthful air, which manifests itself in all discretion

Sculptra gradually restores collagen to give natural look

Sculptra is indicated for the increase in volume of depressed areas in particular the correction of cutaneous depressions related to the aging of tissues such as fine lines, wrinkles, furrows and scars.

Sculptra is also indicated for the correction of important skin depressions related to the loss of fat in the face (lipoatrophy)

Class III Medical Device CE0459

This injectable device is a regulated health product which under this regulation bears the CE Mark

Why Sculptra:

Sculptra is a volumizer composed pof L-polylactic acid, a component, biocompatible with biological tissues, Biodegradable slowly absorbable. Sculptra can not be injected into the lips, eyelids, crows feet and forehead

Sculptra injection should be carried out by specialized doctor, dermatologist or aesthetic medicine.

How long does Sculptra Last

Sculptra has several applications, from smoothing facial wrinkles to augmenting the cheeks. The final results of the treatment will easily last 2 years, but some people enjoy the final results of the treatment for five years

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