Belotero Filler: How Long Does it Take for Belotero to Settle?

Belotero filler is only FDA-approved for nasolabial folds, but it is also used on the chin, forehead, cheeks & lips. belotero is excellent for the following:

Beletero Filler is most not a first choice for many people because because makeup products exists. These products may hide whatever irregularities we have in our body, but these are illusion tricks and temporary. Why would you settle for less when there is so much more? We understand how acne, acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles might affect your everyday confidence. But it does not need to be too painful and extravagant to alter. If a subtle and safe procedure is what you are looking for, belotero is for you. Get ready to be enticed!

What is Beletero Filler

Belotero Filler is a facial and injectable dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid, the naturally occurring substance in the body. Hyaluronic acid has a gentle-like consistency and binds with water, helping to plump up your skin and make it look younger, refresher, and smoother. Your body will naturally absorb the hyaluronic substance in belotero, making it less prone to allergic reactions. 

FDA approved belotero in 2011 for filling moderate to severe nasolabial folds or laugh lines. However, the approval eventually includes different fillers for treating various skin issues. For example, Belotero Volume is utilized to restore plumpness and volume up the nose, cheeks, and lips. 

It is a vital reminder that belotero is generally safe for most people, but its safety for pregnant, breastfeeding, and people under 18 is still unknown. That is why you should have an initial consultation to ensure if belotero is for you. But specifically, you must avoid belotero if you have a history of multiple and severe allergies, especially to Gram-positive proteins. 

What Body Areas does Belotero Filler Treat? 

Belotero Filler is only FDA-approved for nasolabial folds, but it is also used on the chin, forehead, cheeks, and lips. Additionally, belotero filler is excellent for the following: 

  • Fill forehead wrinkles
  • Correct under-eye bags
  • Plump your lips
  • Treat tiny nose bumps 
  • Contour your jawline and cheeks
  • Fill in lines around your nose, mouth, and eyes

How long does it take for Belotero Filler to settle?

Most people rely on the longevity of results and how long these results settle. After the belotero injection, instant volume and plump skin are immediately added. However, you must be patient because this initial result will still improve from fourteen to twenty-one days as the hyaluronic acid settles into the foundational layers of the skin. Once you witness the fullness of the results, you can continue enjoying ideal results for six months to a year. 

What should your primary appointment look like? 

As said earlier, it is essential to have an initial consultation, and this happens during your primary appointment. Your provider must assess if you have certain medical conditions because this will affect their decision on what type of belotero treatment will suit you best. Do not hesitate to ask questions and raise your concerns during this period. Actively cooperate when you discuss your medical history with them too. 

What is the process for belotero? 

If you are considering belotero, you must know its process. 

Belotero Before: To prepare for your treatment, avoid taking blood-thinning drugs and drinking alcohol for several days before your appointment. You should also protect your skin from UV damage, tweezing, and waxing in the treatment areas. Additionally, double-check if your skin is moisturized and nourished when you come for your session. 

During: In this stage, your doctor may use a marker to map out the treated areas, then clean the area with an antiseptic solution. After cleaning the treatment areas, your provider will inject the belotero substance using a fine needle syringe. They can gently massage the site to help the filler spread out evenly. 

Belotero After: After your treatment session, you must avoid excessive sun exposure, alcoholic beverages, strenuous activity, and anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin for 24 hours; if you experience pain and swelling on the injection sites, you can apply cold packs on the area for relief. You can also return to your daily activities following the procedure. 

Remember that the process lasts between 15 minutes to an hour.  

Side effects and cost

As emphasized earlier, belotero is safe, but it can have several side effects, and these include the following: 

  • Redness
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness

There are less common side effects: numbness, dry lips, discoloration, hardening of the skin, lumps, and bumps. 

Belotero can also cause more severe side effects, including stroke, permanent scarring, and blindness. However, these only occur due to an untrained and unskilled provider, which leads to poor technique. Having known this, you can avoid these by ensuring you choose a licensed provider. 

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the average price of belotero is $620 per treatment. However, this is subject to change because of the following factors: 

  • The amount of Belotero filler needed.
  • Your geographical location
  • The number of treatment sessions
  • The type of belotero filler used.
  • Your specialist’s experience and skill 

How Long Does Belotero Results Last?

The longevity of results depends on your overall health, age, specific lifestyle choices, and the amount of filler injected. Please take note that you cannot control your genetics, but there are several steps you can follow to get optimal results from belotero. 

Specifically, the results should last for about six to eighteen months, depending on what belotero product is used. 

  • Belotero Balance/Belotero Basic: This product can last up to six months for subtle to moderate lines or lip enhancement. 
  • Belotero Volume: This product lasts up to eighteen months when used to add volume to temples and cheeks. 
  • Belotero Soft: This product can last up to twelve months for lip enhancement and fine lines. 
  • Belotero Intense: This product can last up to twelve months for lip enhancement or deep lines.   

How long does Belotero under eye filler last?

Belotero filler lasts for 6 to 18 months under the eye, depending the type used.

How Long Does Belotero Take To Settle?

14 to 21 days

After Belotero filler treatment you can expect the initial results of treatment to improve over the course of 14 to 21 days as the hyaluronic acid settles into the foundational layers of your skin.

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