How To Create a Perfect Pout With Botox Lip Flip

How To Create a Perfect Pout With Botox Lip Flip

How to Create a Perfect Pout with Botox Lip Flip

Bigger and fuller lips are in vogue now. Every latest fashion trend now includes techniques on how create a perfect pout, to make your lips look plumper to create the illusion of full lips using certain lip liners and lipstick shades.

What is Lip Flip?

A Lip Flip is a non surgical cosmetic procedure (Botox Lip Flip) that involves injecting a small amount of botulinum toxin (commonly known as Botox) into the upper lip muscles. Unlike with hyaluronic acid fillers that add volume to the lips, a lip flip relaxes the muscles around the mouth, causing the upper lip to gently flip outward

Makeup companies are joining in on this trend and are now marketing lip wears that temporarily plump the mouth, but for those who are looking for a more permanent and natural looking solution, lip flip injections are the way to go.

Plumped, Sensual, and Seductive lips is every woman’s dream. How to make the lips look significantly larger by having them injected with Botox, hyaluronic acid and several other substances.

Lip Flip and Lip augmentation are of the most popular and trending cosmetic procedures now. We all have heard of actors, TV stars and other celebrities trying to look sexier by enhancing the shape of their lips. This is not just limited to Hollywood – even your next-door neighbor could be getting their lips done.

Cosmetic injection is catching on with not only the millennials but the older generation as well. According to a report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons the number of lip augmentation procedures performed on patients between the ages of 18 to 55+ increased by 50% from 2000 to 2016.

So the most asked question is: How to Create a Perfect Pout with Botox Lip Flip

How Injections Can Create Fuller Lips

Lip augmentation is commonly performed using hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Vollure. but the neweest and more recent type of lip augmentation procedure uses Botox.

The Lips are shaped and plumped up to create a more pronounced pout. The effects achieved with Botox are subtler because the approach used involves flipping out the lips along the lip line and rolling them outwards slightly to create a “sexier” look.

Dermal fillers like Juvederm, Restylane and Vollure only add volume to the part of the lip that is injected. This procedure is entirely different from Botox and does not produce the same results.

Fillers literally make the lips bigger by injecting them with a substance that promotes collagen production and increases their volume.

Botox on the other hand, relaxes the muscles around the lip area and flips out the lip to create the impression of larger lips.

“Popular culture loves full plump lips. It celebrates them and elevates the look so that it is often considered a sign of good health, beauty and youth.”

Botox Lip Flip Procedure

Botox Lip Flip is by far the best and most preferred way to get the kind of lips that you desire. The approach used is very different from other lip augmentation techniques because rather than adding volume it changes the shape of the mouth by relaxing the muscles.

This procedure is the most popular cosmetic treatment in the fashion industry since Botox is already being used for other purposes. The muscles are relaxed and then the upper lip is rolled out using a technique called the Botox upper lip curl.

The difference as seen in the Botox Lip Flip before and after pictures below is very prominent even though it only involves turning the lips around.

Botox targets the upper superficial layers of the orbicularis oris muscle which is on the sides of the upper and lower lip. It blocks the nerve impulses and does not let them reach the muscle thereby relaxing the fibers. This allows the lip to flip outward without affecting its functions.

The injection is inserted into the orbicularis oris using a precision-based technique. The orbicularis oris is a muscle that is responsible for controlling the lips.

A subtle yet visible change can be seen after the procedure, as long as it is performed by a certified healthcare provider. The Botox injections should not in any way hinder the movement of the lips or compromise the patient’s ability to speak or eat.

Botox promises instant results and they last for a much longer time than any other lip enhancing cosmetic procedure.

Lip Fillers vs. Botox

Lip augmentation is required to help improve the most common problem areas of the lips i.e. lip proportions, asymmetry, marionette lines, loss of volume and gummy smiles. To help address these issues there are dermal fillers or Botox injections.

Dermal fillers restore the lost volume in different parts of the face where there is a collagen deficiency.

Dermal Fillers produce a similar effect on the lips where the upper lip is plumped to even it out in proportion to the lower lip. In simple terms, lip fillers make the lips larger by volumizing them. This type of lip enhancement is performed with fillers containing hyaluronic acid.

The Botox lip flip uses the type A botulinum toxin injections to relax the muscles of the mouth to roll out the upper lip. Botox is injected strategically in the upper and lower lip muscles. The treatment is very brief and it is over before you know it.

The most significant different between lip fillers and Botox is that while the former adds volume, the latter relaxes the muscles. Botox does not actually increase the size or volume of the lips but simply creates an impression of it.

What to Expect From the Botox Lip Flip Procedure

During the first visit you will meet with a healthcare professional who will assess your face concentrating on the lip area. Medical professionals always ask patients what type of results they are aiming for and then determine whether or not a Botox lip flip procedure is needed.

Once you have been scheduled for a Botox Lip Flip treatment then the healthcare professional discusses the details, benefits and results of the procedure making sure all the patient’s concerns are heard and questions answered.

The procedure involves cleaning the area of injection after which the Botox administrator injects the substance into the lip area.

A suitable numbing agent can be applied to those who are sensitive to needles, but usually patients only feel a slight pinch similar to a mosquito bite.

For a Botox lip flip procedure only a few units (typically 2-4) of botulinum toxin is required and it is injected on the vermillion border of the upper lip. This is much less than the amount of dermal filler that is injected into the lips to achieve the same result. The procedure takes a maximum of 5 minutes.

The effects achieved are noticeable instantaneously and produced without adding volume to the lips. It takes a few weeks for the complete results to manifest themselves however the Botox Lip Flip still appears faster than any other type of lip augmentation.

The duration for which the results last is harder to determine but some patients are able to maintain them up to several months. It depends on the competence and training of the administrator performing the procedure.

Lip Injections Before and After

A plumped, Sensual, and Seductive lips is every woman's dream. Botox Lip Flip is by far the best and most preferred way to get desired lips.
Botox Lip Flip Before and After

The lip injection procedure is not complex and takes minutes to perform. These injections can normally last between three and six months and must be repeated for continued results. The least expensive method of lip enhancement is hyaluronic acid, such as Juvederm, Belotero and Restylane

Dermal Fillers Benefits include:

Control over the lip volume: The amount of substance injected can be controlled, and an experienced doctor will know how volumes impact overall appearance.

Overcorrection should be avoided to prevent an unnatural look: Overcorrection can create an exaggerated look that is infamous and well documented in “celebrity procedures gone wrong” that one often sees splashed across tabloids.

Another advantage to hyaluronic fillers is that bumps dissolve easily. Any finally, allergic reactions are minimized due to the fact that hyaluronic acid is present in the body.

Patients may experience some swelling or redness. However, the swelling should disappear within a day from injection-based treatments. Patients may benefit from cold compresses to speed up the healing process.

Botox Lip Flip Cost

The cost of Botox Lip Flip injection vary depending on the type of procedure performed, the physician’s expertise, and your location.

Fillers are usually priced per syringe injected and the cost will depend on how much material is required. For most people, one to two syringes will be sufficient.

One syringe typically costs $500, with a reduction for additional syringes if purchased at the same time.

Lip enhancement is a common aesthetic procedure. When done right, the results are subtle yet gratifying for patients. A balanced approach can achieve soft and natural results using various semi-permanent dermal fillers such as Juvéderm, Boletero and Restylane.

Can Botox Lip Flips go wrong?

The chances of a bad reaction to Botox are extremely rare. The botulinum toxin is used in very small amounts that are approved for cosmetic procedures. As long as you are consulting a qualified medical professional there is no reason to worry.

Is there any downtime?

The procedure is over in 5 minutes which is why it is called the lunch-break treatment i.e. something you could easily squeeze in a busy day at the office and no one would notice the difference. It is recommended however that you do not perform any heavy lifting or strenuous exercises for at least 24 hours following the procedure.

How is the Botox Lip Flip better than the Dermal filler?

Dermal fillers require a large amount of hyaluronic acid-based substance to be injected into the lips. It is the more expensive treatment and there have been a number of reported cases of reactions.

The lip flip produces a more subtle change that comes with time which is why it is deemed more natural.

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