Original Dermapen 4 Australian Made

Dermapen 4 is an industry-shaping micro-needling tool, offering world-leading technology in skin rejuvenation and aesthetic innovations.

Dermapen 4 The Microneedling Revolution

Original Dermapen 4 is an Australian made device launched as the latest and only microneedling device on the market with an exclusive system specially designed for the revision of deep and atrophic scars, surgical scars, burn contractures, stretch marks and post-acne scars. The penetration depth of the needle can reach up to 3.0 mm.
Due to its patented AOVN technology, motor speed, pressure and penetration are automatically calibrated for greater accuracy. No skin tugging.
The innovative and exclusive adjustment of Dermapen 4 allows a deeper needle penetration, so that body contours and thickened fibrous tissue can be treated effortlessly and more effectively. The depth of the needle can also be adjusted in 0.1 mm increments for the treatment of the scalp, eyelids and intimate areas of the body.

Original Dermapen is an Australian made Microneedling device with a turning point in the dermatological industry. Its revolutionary design and innovative applications transform the dermo-aesthetic sector.

Original Dermapen 4 Australian Made

Original Dermapen 4 for Microneedling Device
Revolutionary 16-needle cartridge: Provides 1920 puncture channels per second. Offers shorter procedure times. Covers wider treatment areas.
Generating 1,920 puncture channels per second, Dermapen 4’s innovative 16-needle cartridge produces 48% far more punctures than Dermapen 3.
With 104% more puncture channels than counterfeit needles, the 620 additional holes fragment superior channels for faster treatment times and greater patient comfort.
33-gauge stainless steel medical needles are gamma-ray sterilized and range up to 120 revolutions per second, equivalent to 7,200 rpm.
There is no other original Dermapen 4 device on the market that initiates more pathways to facilitate skin regeneration and the injection of active substances. Only Dermapen 4 offers this incomparable and unique feature.

Dermapen 4 Needle Cartridge

Dermapen 4 Cartridge for sale
With a patented technology, the Original Dermapen 4 needle cartridge offers an open, scalloped treatment surface that offers the professional a smooth and comfortable maneuverability.
When combined with a meso-glide of DP Dermaceuticals during the procedure, superior injection of active ingredients is maximum.
A new ISOgeometric analysis algorithm calculates the exact geometric arrangement of each needle. An extensive research and development has made it possible to use more needles in order to provide effective treatments without any risk.
Dermapen 4 generates 104% more microchannels, generating 1,920 holes per second
Buy Dermapen 4 Online Complete set

Original Dermapen 4 Business Builder Kit

– Dermapen 4™️ device
– DermapenWorld™️ silver leatherette case
– Desktop stand
– USB-enabled battery charger
– DermapenWorld™️ “Turbo-Cut” rechargeable lithium batteries
– International power supply kit
– QR code instructional card
– DermapenWorld™️ velvet drawstring bag

– Box of 33 Needle Cartridge
– Box of 33 Dp Sleeves
– MG-Collection 5x 5ml vials
– ATP Window Sticker
– Dermapen 4™️ Counter Stand
– Advanced Skin Innovations Book
– Dermapen 4™️ Patient Brochures
– Dp Dermaceuticals™️ Patient Brochures
– Dp Dermaceuticals™️ COVER RECOVER ™️ Fan Deck
– DermapenWorld™️ HEADBAND

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Original Dermapen 4 Starter Kit

– Dermapen 4 MD (.02mm – 3.0mm)
– Product stand
– Battery charger and cable
– 2 rechargeable “Advanced Lithium Turbo-cut” batteries
– International electrical adapter
– Instruction manual
– 7 box of Hyla Active Mask
– 7 box of Needle Cartridge

– 7 box of Needle Cartridge
– 5 x (3ml) Hyla Active
– 5 x (3ml) Vitamin Rich Repair
– Box of 10 – (3ml) Cover Recover
– FREE: 7 Year Warranty
– FREE: Clinic Finder Priority Access
– ONLINE marketing and training Support

Buy Dermapen 4 Starter Kit Online 

Original Dermapen 4 Starter Kit

Original Dermapen 4 Superior Technology AOVN™ 4

The Advanced Vertical Oscillating Needle (AOVN) technology has revolutionized the automated micro-needling system since the start of the first Dermapen in 2010. Dermapen 4 also develops AOVN-equipped professionals with the latest in fractional skin regeneration.


Faster needles. Faster treatments.


Automatic cartridge coupling to Dermapen 4 hand piece maximizes power and compatibility.


Digitally controlled needle movement improves the accuracy of the professional.


The oscillation mechanism contains internal and external fluid safety seals.

Achieve more impressive results and more satisfied patients.

Original Dermapen 4 Cartridge

Dermapen 4 The safest device of all time: new ACM™

Origiginal Dermapen 4 cartridge is sterilized with gamma rays and thus the needles remain free of contaminants, even during intensive treatments.
Only Dermapen 4 needle cartridges have a silicone seal and an exclusive medical grade fluid protector.
The external cartridge is fortified with a specialized fluid protector that prevents cross contamination of the external cartridge casing. This distinctive, patented anti-pollution technology prevents liquid back flow even under the most extreme conditions.
The ACM technology is pioneering and exclusive to Dermapen 4, making it the only device in the world with internal and external fluid prevention in each needle cartridge, ensuring the absence of cross-contamination risks, providing purity throughout the treatment process and optimizing patient safety.

Digital Display. One Touch Work System.

Dermapen 4 for sale transforms the automated puncture with an illuminated LED screen. As the world’s first fully digitized Microneedling device, the innovative viewfinder shows the depth of the procedure, the speed and the state of the battery. The One Touch configuration changes needle depth and treatment parameters at the touch of a button.

The digital display is conveniently placed on the ergonomic hand piece, so that can be easily seen at virtually all treatment angles. Dermapen 4’s custom sterile sleeves help to maintain a clean working environment without compromising screen quality and clarity.

During each procedure, the Digital-Servo motor precisely adjusts treatment parameters (including depth, speed and adjustment) to provide exceptional accuracy. No analog system can match the unparalleled precision and reliability offered by an Original Dermapen 4.

The digital components used allow the needle depth to be adjusted in 0.1 mm increments along with a patented built-in self calibration, so unwanted variations in accuracy are a thing of the past.

Original Dermapen 4 Digital Display System

Bluetooth enabled connectivity. Automatic updates.

Another DermapenWorld Novelty is that there’s nothing like it in the industry. This means you will never have an obsolete device and, as new technologies are discovered, the software will be automatically updated.

The integrated Bluetooth connectivity allows an easy connection via the Android application or Smartphone (iPhone) that:

  • Continually updates the calibration tables of Dermapen 4, ensuring the precision of the needle depth and the advances of the firmware (unalterable software).
  • It connects directly with initiatives such as DermapenWorld Prozone, training programs, FREE Clinic Finder service and FREE registration for 7 years warranty.

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