Rough and Dry Skin

Rough and Dry Skin; Think of face lines as baby wrinkles; they’re not wrinkles yet—but they can be. So, the difference between fine lines and wrinkles is that wrinkles are more prominent and deeper as you grow older.

Fine lines and wrinkles are two common signs of skin aging that are bound to eventually appear on your face because skin naturally loses moisture and elasticity as you age. Looking tired and sunken in the face is a natural part of the aging process as we lose volume and produce less collagen and elastin. Our range of treatments can help stimulate your collagen and elastin, while cosmetic injections can plump and relax facial contours.

With hundreds of new fillers entering the industry every year, sometimes it pays to stick with what you know works best. JuvedermRestylane and Belotero. These are the hot brands that stick on the tip of everyone’s tongue and why we choose to focus our inventory mainly on them.

Many of us experience our fine lines when we hit our twenties, others much later, in their thirties and forties. Good genetics and diet play a key factor. Drinking lots of water daily to keep hydrated, with no coffee intake and no smoking means that you’re doing everything in your control to maintain your youth. For some, it’s a challenge and others much easier, especially when you’re blessed with god-given genetics.

Whilst some have thicker skin than others, thinner skin, may perhaps be more prone to wrinkling sooner and needs more attention and care. Investing in a good moisturizer that helps to build up the strength of the skin layer is vital and taking precautions when out in the daylight is equally imperative. Preventing the fine lines from appearing is better than having to cure them. So being more proactive in every way possible, does pay off and keep us looking our best right from our first wrinkle. Small steps pay off dividends.

Lightweight fillers such as Juvederm Ultra 2 are recommended for fine lines, as they have a lower hyaluronic acid concentration. No heavy thick volume is required for those first lines!

How To Manage Fine Lines And Wrinkles

As we said, it’s normal and natural for your skin to eventually lose fullness and become thinner and very dry over time, that’s why you need to take action. While you can’t control the natural aging process or your genetic predisposition to aging skin, you can manage other environmental factors that contribute to aging skin and make wrinkles worse. Things like sun exposure, smoking, and air pollution can all age your skin more quickly than it naturally would, according to the AAD.

Your skin care routine also plays a huge part in keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Consider adding the following anti-aging tips to your repertoire to manage the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face—and even help prevent them in the first place.