5 Different Types of Cosmetic Laser Technician Jobs

A cosmetic laser hair removal procedure on the leg. on of the 5 Cosmetic Laser Technician Jobs
Are you in for a rewarding career and interested picking up any cosmetic laser technician jobs?  Laser technician jobs fall under the successful medical aesthetics industry.
In 2022, the global medical aesthetics industry was valued at $16.2 billion and is projected to hit $41.1 billion by 2030. I can tell you don’t want to be left out.
With an increase in work-from-home arrangements, it has become so much more convenient for people to undergo various skin and laser treatments, as they can recover at home while still working.
In addition, increased social media exposure has helped shine the spotlight on effective cosmetic treatments and now people are flocking to medical spas and dermatology clinics to get beautified.
This trend is expected to continue, so what a better time to start your laser technician career than now?

Below are 5 different types of cosmetic laser technician jobs you can chose from below

If you think cosmetic laser technician jobs have very limited career opportunities, then we are pleased to know that that is not the case.
There is currently a high demand for minimally invasive treatments like non-surgical skin tightening, tattoo removals, laser hair removals, and Botox and dermal injections. Increasing awareness about self-care and anti-aging treatments has greatly contributed to the growing demand for such minimally invasive treatments and you can leverage this growth by becoming any of the following.
A laser hair removal procedure on the leg. one of the different types of cosmetic laser jobs

1. Laser Aesthetician

A laser aesthetician is someone who directly provides laser services to customers. Laser aestheticians are licensed only to perform non-invasive laser procedures. They are typically knowledgeable in at least one of the following laser treatments:
Laser hair removal;
Tattoo removal;
Skin tag removal;
Spider vein treatment; and
Light therapies.
Laser aestheticians can work on a per-job basis, which means the more laser procedures they perform, the higher they earn. While some aestheticians work in several establishments, most  work full or part-time for a single employer with a regular salary.

2. Team Leader or Spa Supervisor

A good Laser aesthetician with more experience can get promoted to higher a positions later on, such as spa supervisor. This involves ensuring up-to-date training of their team, enforcing safety and treatment protocols, and monitoring the performance of other laser aestheticians. They may also be tasked to oversee aesthetician scheduling and hiring, and the maintenance of laser equipment.

3. Spa Manager or Owner

Laser technicians can become spa managers or have their own spas. A Spa owner with a laser technician license is an additional advantage because they know exactly how laser equipments work and can stand in for the staff when they are on leave.
Spa managers and owners are also in charge of operations and are responsible for securing business permits, license, and other legal requirements.

4. Medical Laser Technicians

A Medical laser technician works on more complex procedures usually alongside dermatologists or plastic surgeons at medical clinics or medical spa. Sometimes, they are doctors themselves. In this case, they may also have the license to perform ablative or invasive laser procedures such as, laser skin resurfacing, scar revisions, and cellulite reduction.

5. Aesthetic Laser Sales Representative

An Aesthetic laser sales representative can work for pharmaceutical companies and sell laser equipments, accessories, and medical products. They can also work directly for spas and wellness centers to promote laser treatments to potential customers.

Below are 5 different types of cosmetic laser technician jobs you can chose from below

How Much Does A Laser Technician Make?

An average cosmetic laser technicians salary USA is $50,000 per year. This amount differs on factors such as
Size of Business, 
Location, and 
How complicated or invasive the procedure is to perform.
At Entry level cosmetic laser technician jobs start at about $2,000 per month and have fewer shifts.
Spa managers, on the other hand, may earn a base pay between $47,000 to $80,000 per year.
Aesthetic laser salespeople selling laser equipment are capable of taking home six-digit earnings from combined base salaries and commissions.
Spa owners report variable earnings as each spa offers different kinds of services and may not be limited to cosmetic laser technician jobs.
An average America medical spas reports $924,000 yearly revenue per facility. Are you still trying to decide on weather to pick any of Cosmetic Laser Technician Jobs? We hope this article helps you chose the right one.

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