What is a Lip Flip and How does it Work?

When to expect Results of a Lip Flip Procedure and How long results Last
A lip flip is a procedure that uses neuromodulators, such as Botox, to relax a muscle in the upper lip, causing the lip to “flip” and giving the appearance of a fuller upper lip. The procedure is different than getting lip fillers, which are injections directly into the lip, as opposed to above it
Some people are born with thin lips; other, the thin naturally come with age. It is all just a matter of preference and personal aesthetic goals. 
While fillers are undeniably a popular choice when it comes to lip enhancements, not everyone is looking to alter the shape or size of their lips in order to achieve results. This is why understanding and offering a variety of injection techniques is important.
We will be discussing how the process of a lip flip works, who makes a great candidate, what types of results you can expect, and more. 

 How Does A Lip Flip Work?

A lip flip is a non-surgical procedure for making the lips appear fuller. Unlike fillers, this procedure uses Botox to relax the muscles above the lips. This results in the lip turning slightly upward, creating the illusion that they are fuller and plumper. 
It also prevents the lips from turning inward when the person is talking or smiling and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the upper lips.  
When to expect Results of a Lip Flip Procedure and How long results Last


Who Is A Great Candidate For A Lip Flip

A lip flip does not add volume and so it is recommended for people who already have a bit of volume in their lips but not enough to make them “pop.” It’ also can slightly improve a gummy smile.
Does the procedure offer three-for-one value? For some people, yes! When done by an expert, a lip flip procedure improves a persons facial harmony, makes them appear a few years younger, and amplifies their confidence. 
People who speak a lot for a living, play any kind of musical instrument that requires a person to purse their lips, singers or people who like to whistle for their dag or drink through a straw are not great candidates for a lip flip procedure, as the muscle around the mouth is being relaxed, it lessens that ability to fully purse the lips. 
A lip flip does not work on everyone.  If you do not “curl your lip in” when smiling, a lip flip will not have any effect because the muscle around your mouth is not restricting movement. A thorough consultation with a trained practitioner will give an accurate assessment. 



During a lip flip, a trained practitioner injects Botox above the upper lip. This will relax the orbicularis oris, the muscle surrounding the mouth. The injection specialist may also target the lip elevator muscles along the sides of the nose to help correct a hyperactive upper lip.


How Many Botox Units For A Lip Flip

For a lip flip, a practitioner typically injects four to six units of Botox, and may inject up to eight Botox units if the patient has excessive gingival display.
As each person is unique, these recommendations may not apply to all patients. Some patients may need as little as two Botox units, while others may need ten to achieve maximum volume. As a trained practitioner you should be able to determine how much is ideal for each patient so that their enhancement looks as natural as possible.


What Are Common Lip Flip Side Effects:

The follow may be experienced after a Lip Flip procedure
– Swelling at and around the injection site. This is normal and should not be a cause for concern. But if the patient gets worried, the pain can be relieved a cold compress. 
– Bruising, but this usually subsides in two to three days.
– The lips can feel “ strange” for a few days.  This is because as the muscle is relaxed around the mouth, it can take a few days for it to feel natural.


How Soon Should Results Be Seen After a Lip Flip Procedure?

Visible results are noticed within three to four hours in most patients but on an average, it takes about a week to see full and final results in some patients
For patients intending to get a makeover before an important event, it is best to do this procedure two weeks prior. This will allow any swelling or bruising to fully subside so the patient can enjoy the full effect on the day of the event.
Patients planning on traveling after their procedure should wait 24 to 48 hours before traveling so they can quickly return for an examination in case side effects or allergic reactions occur.
When to expect Results of a Lip Flip Procedure and How long results Last


How Long Does A Lip Flip Last?

A lip flip result can last up to five months, depending on a person’s metabolism although 3-4 months is the average given that the dosages need to be conservative in this area.
Typically, patients with a high metabolism may notice their lip flip wearing off earlier and experience the full benefits for two months. Athletic people may also notice their lip flip results fading earlier than expected as exercise can increase blood flow and metabolism, which can break down Botox faster.


The Secret To A Natural Pout

Patients looking to get optimal results should seek a skilled practitioner trained in administering lip flips and has a good mastery of Botox injection techniques. While many physicians are able to inject Botox, not everyone has proper training to provide patients with beautiful results.
With a lip flip gone wrong, a patient might experience difficulty drinking and talking, or might drool excessively.
Trained physicians are also better able at assessing a patient’s eligibility for a lip flip botox. They can recommend other procedures in addition to or in place of a lip flip if they believe it would serve the patient better. 


World Standard Botox Injection Training

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