What You Didn’t Know about Botox Clinics

Botox Has Medical Uses Which May Surprise you today

How often do you give serious thought to botulinum toxin A? While it may sound terrifying and unfamiliar, you have likely heard all about it by another name: Botox, a refined version of the toxin that has become an incredibly popular cosmetic product. In fact, when you bring up the topic of Botox, people will probably picture images of celebrity facelifts and purely aesthetic procedures to reduce the signs of aging. But it turns out that this powerful toxin actually has a several benefits and medical uses besides just helping people look pretty! These are just a few of the things you could get help with from a Botox clinic:


While some people confuse them with headaches, others are unlucky enough to know just how different migraines are. A migraine is a severe and debilitating pain that affects one side of the head for anywhere from hours to days, and is accompanied by sensitivity to light and sound, as well as nausea and vomiting. A Botox clinic may be the last place you’d expect to find a solution to the pain, but as it turns out, the toxin has been found to decrease the frequency and severity of migraines and was approved for treatment in Canada in 2011.


Hyperhidrosis, better known as sweating excessively, is not only a health concern, but can also become a cause of severe social anxiety and discomfort. Bad news all around – but your local skincare clinic will likely have the answer. By injecting the affected area with Botox, Ottawa skin care professionals can take the worry off your mind. The toxin will block receptors that tell the sweat glands to sweat, giving you months of freedom from double-checking the underarms of your shirts.



A spasm—the involuntary contraction of a muscle—can be a debilitating issue if left untreated. Conditions such as cervical dystonia (jolting of the head), blepharospasm (eyelid twitching), and other movement disorders can be treated with Botox. Ottawa patients can use botulinum toxin A to help relax the muscles, lessening the effects of spasms and twitches. It can even help patients with bruxism – habitual grinding of the teeth.

It is also used to treat strabismus, or improper eye alignment. In patients whose eyes do not move in concert to focus on an object, an injection into the muscle that controls eye movement will relax the misaligned eye, allowing it to realign itself with the other.

A Botox clinic is more than just a cosmetic institution. Staffed by doctors well-versed in the procedures and medicines that they use, it is dedicated to using that expertise to help improve people’s quality of life.

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